Cheal Associates prides itself on offering accurate and up-to-date employment law information and advice to employees and employers.

We recognise cost will be an important factor so we are happy to discuss your case with you initially without charge. A quote is then issued for your agreement before work is commenced.

Cheal Associates act for both employees and employers in employment law matters, having the adaptability to fight from both corners. We operate nationally and see location as no barrier to providing professional and effective employment law advice.

Our Service

Cheal Associates offers employment law advice and assistance that is:

Our Keys to Success are

To have the right staff infrastructure with requisite knowledge

To provide advice which is practical and cost-effective

To have the ability to turn round matters in the timescales expected of clients

To keep within quotes given

To maintain professional relationships with clients both during and after matters

Our Mission Statement

To offer professional and practical advice to ensure matters are dealt with promptly, guaranteeing satisfaction to all clients with honest and cost-beneficial advice